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Kawatra Tent & Caterers offers different venue to choose from. We have introduced a new amazing venue at Pushpanjali Farms on Dwarka link Road with the name “The Krishna Greens”. We have an enriched experience of serving in this field and providing the best venues to our clients. Our venues are immense and can accommodate your long list of guests.

We have perfect venues for your perfect event. Our every venue is distinct from each other and their location can be easily tracked. We give our clients the best of venues to choose from, keeping your guest list in mind. Parking facilities are also available.

Absolutely your choice!


It's a known fact that a good food makes your day then it can be easily imagined the life it gives to an event. As our other main part of services include catering, Kawatra Tent & caterers are enriched with experience of giving an event just the kind of catering it deserves. As every occasion is different and unique, it's important to have different variety in food.


In any event, people join you from all the corners of the world and its not easy to satisfy every taste bud, hence, at Kawatra, we offer a wide variety of menu to choose from. Keep it Indian or continental or mix n match it, our vegetarian food presents itself to impress.


Absolutely your choice!


Our decors are pre-planned according to the event. Be it wedding, party or any religious event. We thrive to give an amazing event decor that best suits your needs & desires. From entrance to pandal & from sitting to catering, our decor styles complement each other. We have a wide array of styles & resources for you to choose your special decor from.

Eye catching decor that will take your breath away. Our entrance decor is always special as we believe an entrance should always be grand. For us Indians love to indulge in food,  that's why we have amazing catering decors. But in the end its all about your choice.

Absolutely your choice!

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